India's first Digital

Marketing Simulation Tool.

WST is India’s first Digital Marketing Simulation Tool. It simulates the experience of online ad management across global platforms like Google, Yahoo, Bing, into one Gamification platform which provides space to young marketers to escalate their journey of a professional digital marketer by getting hands on practical experience.


Participants run for Simulated

Real Time

Optimization reports and

Opportunity of 'Learning by


Whisskers to add trainers and students from admin Interface


Trainer portal to add students to a batch, see reports and manage the training.


Unique log in details for each student to access their simulation ad account.

Digital Marketing
Skill Gap

Despite the growing number of internet users and companies increasing their online ad spends globally, there is huge skill gap to manage this space effectively - 66% Company owners surveyed say Few 'get' digital marketing.

How this tool will help you?

Access to Adwords lookalike tool, offering first hand experience of digital marketing world.

Exposure to competitive real world environment, where students compete with others whilst running campaign and biding for the same keyword.

No risk factor involved in terms of money unlike Adwords which kills the scope of learning while doing.

Students become job ready right after the course is completed instead of undertaking training for 6 or more months to gain experience.

Adwords is complex and is challenging for a newbie to develop an understanding for it right away, and by working on the tool you have already crossed that bridge.